Work Woe, Work Joy

There are quite a few books/blogs/agendas/workshops that seek to address the idea of a work-life balance.  It’s something that I often address myself, in my search for that uplifting career path.  I found this particular post helpful as a starting point to considering this path.  However, it also raises quite a few questions about my current job.

One of the things I noticed about my own responses to the post were in regards to creation.  I like making things.  It doesn’t much matter what – I like working with my hands for utility or beauty, I like writing, I like making.  I even like polishing up other people’s work and making it pretty, or arranging things in an artful way.  It appeals to my sense of order and beauty.  The problem I am faced with is that my current job allows me to do many of these things frequently.  I keep office things in order – I organize and beautify our quarterly books.  Yet I am still often unhappy at work.

A part of my frustration I know comes from not having enough to do at some points.  True, there are a few months out of every year in which I’m truly busy, but most of the time I have significant down time.  A part of making my current job more worthwhile may simply mean filing this time too.  But I think there is also a larger issue.  Growing up as I have in an environment in which career change is not only possible, but also perhaps desirable, I am very hesitant to commit to any career path longer than a year or three.  Why spend my time and money on something I’m not going to keep with? How do I address my own career path when I feel such a broad and general desire in my future career needs?