Island Getaway

I hate the cold.   Well, perhaps that’s unfair to the Arctic north.

I really really really dislike the cold.  You would think, after spending most of my life in the northern Midwest and now living in Boston, I would have dealt with it and moved on.  But the dislike has lingered.  Every year, as the weather turns towards autumn, I get excited about the changing colors of the leaves and enjoy the briskness to the air without thinking about what all this change foreshadows – icy tundra time.

Instead, each year about this time I begin to pine for the tropics.  I ask myself (again) why I don’t live in Florida, or at least someplace a little more temperate.  This year in particular I’ve gone a little crazy.  I will be going on at least one trip to some international beach somewhere at an affordable price if it kills me.  I hope to go on two, or at least get as far as Florida for a little sun before the ice chills my veins completely and for all time.  A little sand, a little sun, a little ocean action would do me a world of good.

Unfortunately, despite dropping prices and the economic crisis, vacations remain expensive.  While looking for a way to get away, one co-worker suggested a cruise – affordable, food-packed, and generally an enjoyable experience.  But somehow for me, the appeal of lazing in the sun on a boat (albeit a giant luxury boat) does not have the same appeal that lying on the beach does.  Even a vacation on something small, like a sailboat, does not really meet my desires.  While it’s a picturesque image, I would end up spending most of my time off the boat, lazing on some beach or in some coastal town somewhere.  I like the waves rolling up on to the land, that experience of margins, rather than simply being near the water.

Perhaps that’s why the movable design of a ‘tropical island‘ doesn’t appeal to me.  Yes, this luxury ship may be wasteful or expensive or extravagant in a time of reduced income and expanded need.  But there’s more to it than that.  The allure of an island does not spring merely from being surrounded by water.  Every continent is surrounded by water – that doesn’t mean ever citizen of the world interacts with the vastness of the ocean.  Even living in a coastal city, I don’t get to experience that edge very often.

The tropical gardens, the pool, the elaborate quarters, aren’t what makes a tropical island beautiful or relaxing.  It’s the ability to wade down to the shore line, squishing your toes into the sand letting the ocean wave up on to you that matters.  When your movable island can give me that, I’ll consider buying it.  Until then, why not just buy a limo?