Goodbye comics, hello U.S. of A.

Some of you may have read my former postings about TEAL (Typo Eradication Advancement League). Today, at the start of Jeff’s momentous journey across the contiguous United States correcting errors as he finds them, I am glad to announce the website is up! You will also notice I’ve updated my blogroll with the current TEAL blog, as opposed to Jeff’s old one. I will be sad to see the comics and some of that olde-tyme humor disappear. However, in order to make space (and spare time) for his momentous journey, some of Jeff’s pursuits must fall by the wayside. Still, let’s take a moment for nostalgia. Sigh.

But there is a new path to tread, a new life to be led. And for that, I say good luck to Jeff and companions on his several-month quest. Adieu, adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow.

When will repairs be repaired?

The breaking news this weekend is that yet another internet cable connection the Middle East has been severed.  What?  Is this some kind of weird and unusual anti-terrorism campaign?  Does somebody really not like the Internet?  Is it the end of the world?

More importantly,  does it mean the end of CNN’s ability to spot-edit on the fly.  I note the third paragraph of this article which states that”it was uncertain when repairs on it [the cable] would be repaired.”  This is not a direct quote – it’s a paraphrase.  Which means that someone picked up this shining gem and thought it sounded gud together.

Now, I’m aware we’re all under a lot of pressure and under a time crunch here.  I myself have lots of cleaning to do today even after I finish blogging here.  But still – if you need help CNN, TEAL (Typo Eradication and Advancement League) is here for you!

A Plug for TEAL

Recently a friend of mine noted the way sports writers were corrupting the use of articles. Well, I happen to know a few writers of sports articles personally myself, and I can safely say this is not necessarily a trend. However, I was curious – could I really be sure? What if I only have personal acquaintance with the more literate brand of sports writers? Since I’m not writing in French so much, how can I ever even know Est-ce a ou de? True, there are organizations out there pledged to heal this country’s grammar and usage maladies. Organizations like TEAL (Typo Eradication and Advancement League). But are they really enough to stem the tide? And just how much of a tide is it?

I decided I would take my alleged ‘work time’ to find out. I looked at the Yohoo! Sports page (since sports was the area in which the first article use thingy happened), since I felt yahoo would be a more potentially under-grammared site than CNN. This is what I found (in the top headlines):

“The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that addressed each of those issues Tuesday plans to hold a Feb. 13 hearing that promises to be far more riveting, featuring Roger Clemens and his former personal trainer, Brian McNamee, who has said he injected the star pitcher with steroids and human growth hormone. ” – Improper use of ‘that’ related to article use.

I did read a second article that had no egregious errors (though a few stylistic tweaks could’ve certainly helped), and realized I actually had to do some work this morning. So I was unable to complete my task. Anyone up for taking another look for me?