Pumpkin in my coffee, limas in my tea.

It is said that all of use could use occasional flavor in our lives.  Typically, I heartily agree with this idea.  What is life without a little spice, a little something different, a little something new?  Which is why i tried the Pumpkin Spice variety of coffee available at my office this morning.

It is, in fact, something definitely different and new.  And it does have a little spice.  However, I may be more conservative than I realized in regards to coffee.  For me, though i like the flavored stuff, I am a bit of a Nazi.  I would like to conserve the flavor of coffee as, well, coffeeish.  If I wanted to drink pumpkin pie tasting stuff, I’d get myself some pie and a blender.

Be that as it may, it makes me wonder what new flavors we will try next.  Tomato hot chocolate?  Zucchini lemonade?  Lima bean Lipton’s?  The world remains, as always, full of possibilities.  Some are just more delectable and well thought out than others.

On a side note, good luck to the roommie who will be putting one of her cats to sleep this morning…

Thank goodness for Belgians

I don’t know much about this small European country.  I know even less about Bavaria.  And I have never tasted what I would call an ‘authentic’ brew of either.  But if you asked me to pick between Anheuser-Busch and InBev, I prefer the taste of the latter.  Because of this, I have no hesitation in saying I’m glad A-B sold out.

It’s true that there will be some negative consequences for Saint Louis as a result of the merger.  Jobs are going to be lost.  A city that has been on the decline for some time is most likely going to sink further into its depression.  Philanthropic dollars of the merged company will most likely be spend elsewhere.  While the Budweiser name might remain, the Anheuser-Busch tradition will be one step further removed from that trademark.

Still, all is not lost.  The Clydesdales will most likely still be around for your visiting pleasure.  There will still be free samples given out at the brewery.  The names of Anheuser and Busch will still continue to adorn public buildings for some time.  And, finally, there may be a beer on the market available almost anywhere in the US that I actually like.