Reality Check

It seems that recently I’ve had less sympathy for the lovelorn.  Perhaps it’s my own comfort with my current relationship, or even my own security with my friends in not having to make as much effort to secure their affections.  Another part of it might be the slothful side of my nature coming out.  Why feign interest in other people’s romantic strife as long as it’s short-lived?  Why not try to keep more of an even keel, rather than following the ups and downs of dating?

However, among certain friends this is seen as potentially negative.  If I’m not excited for you when you’re super-excited about some new guy or gal, what kind of friend am I, anyway?  The ups and downs are LIFE, and if I’m not living them vicariously through my friends, then I’m not really living.  In addition, to be so emotionally even is cold, almost inhuman, even for a New Englander.  Is my tragic flaw to be a lack of sympathy?  Am I really heartless?

To test myself, I used the Puppy Check:

Nope, still adorable.  I must have feelings left in there somewhere.