Many Travels – Chicago, Part Jo and Suitcase

This will be a mostly pictoral adventure.


Here’s Suitcase at the train station, taking a little rest after trundling all the way from Tina’s apartment.


Jo-Jo and Suitcase grab a quick nap on the train.  It had been a tiring time for us all – exhaustingly fun, like being around me often is.


Samba-stepping Jo leads Suitcase to an empty grassy area for more dancing!


Finally both Jo-Jo and Suitcase collapse from shaking it.


Suitcase takes a rest and poses with the giant reflective bean.


Jo, Suitcase, and giant Chinese dinosaur.  Big Red was part of a sculpture exhibit of modern Chinese works.  I’ll leave the naked people/pig/red wrecking crane sculpture to your imagination.


Suitcase makes a final stop at Cosi for lunch, and then he’s off to the Plains states.