The Sedge returns.

Only to find her normal means of transportation swamped with unruly people.  What is it about bad-weather Mondays that convince people to flock to public transportation?  I mean, I understand the use of the subway.  The subway is probably safer than the road, because it’s mostly covered, which means no snow or ice on your way to work.  But the bus?  Why was my bus ten times more crowded today?  Do more people come to work on a Monday?  Or are they just less likely to be freakishly late at the beginning of the week?  Or does the world just hate me and want to make me late wherever possible?  I got to the train station 20 minutes late due to bus overcrowding.  Which, of course, meant I had to wait for three trains before I could get on.  Coupled with the two ginormous bags I was hauling with me, I was an annoyance not only to myself, but to everyone for a wide radius around me.

Some of you may be asking why I am hauling around these bags.  It’s because I’m going snowboarding tomorrow.   One bag is not filled with snowboard – I will be renting and learning from the professionals at Sunday River.  No, one bag is filled with the extreme cold weather, waterproof clothing I will need for my downhill adventure.  One bag is half-filled with kleenex (more than usual since I have a cold) and the other half filled with snack foods, in case we get stranded on the road and have to survive in the wilderness for two weeks and don’t want to go cannibal.  Or in case we get snack hungry.

Now, some people would say that with my co-ordination, I should stay away from snowboarding.  Others would say that since I’m already sick, now would not be the time to challenge Mother Nature.  As my dad would say, pooh-bah.  What could be easier than falling down a mountain?