We’re all either primate or completely commercialized.

Ok, some of you may have heard about the recent study about red making women appear sexier to men.  Duh.  I mean, did we really need a study to prove this?  Setting aside the fact that I already appear plenty sexy enough, thank you, I feel like most of us are aware that a sexy red dress is just that – sexy.

What was even more amazing were the theories posited by the researchers as to why this red color might trigger ‘the seixer’ response in men’s brains.  One theory posed by the lead researcher is societal conditioning in the form of “hearts and Valentine’s Day and lingerie and things like that, takes on a sexy meaning.”  But more primitive roots were also sited, specifically the red rumps of certain female primates during ovulation to attract males.  I don’t know about you males today, but I find the idea of a red rump as ‘sexy’ slightly disturbing.

In one sense, I think the researchers were on the right track – specifically with the mention of ‘hearts’.  In another, I think any Medieval whore (or one from the Classic period or earlier, for that matter) could shed more light on the matter.  It’s all about the blood.  Painted lips and rouged cheeks were there for a reason – a marker of a more rapidly beating, excited heart.  Passion, for most of us, comes with the flare of lust building between two people.  The ‘first flush’ of love is called that for a reason, and it usually has to do with quickening pulses and a ruddier complexion.  That’s the red I’d be concerned about.

Movin’ to the West Coast

In my future life discussion of the moment (a discussion with myself that’s really a step above talking to myself.  Really.), the topic of where I might go to grad school is a dominant theme.  I’m feeling the urge to settle.  Actually, I’ve been feeling the urge to settle for awhile, I just knew I didn’t want to settle up in Boston and hadn’t planned out my next steps.  So, one possibility for both next steps and settling has been someplace on the West Coast.  Several of my friends are from that area and will probably end up going back there, and it just seems like a nice place to be.  However, the specific location has eluded me, though Portland is the strongest candidate at the moment.

San Francisco or the Bay area generally also has a certain draw, but there are also drawbacks.  It’s basically another Boston cost-wise.  And while social outreach is really strong there (which is good, if you’re broke), it’s also big enough and popular enough to be highly competitive (which is bad, if you want a job in that area).  Of course, that same social outlook is also in the plus column for fostering acceptance and tolerance in the neighborhood.  Soon there may be another plus – a ‘decriminalization‘ of prostitution named Proposition K.  Basically this would mean no arrests or even investigations of prostitutes, though state laws would still call it a crime outside a local jurisdiction.

Responses to the law are mixed.  Some feel it would give added protection, in that groups could organize, remain highly public, and request police assistance if needed.  Others feel that the population of sex workers would explode in the city, bringing in money but also potentially causing an increase in sex trafficking as well.  In addition, when police are restricted from investigating prostitution, it may hamper their efforts to investigate other crime – drug use and distribution, abuse, and violence.  At the end of the day I’m not really sure how much Proposition K would benefit the lower echelons – would it mean more protection or less for those with drug addictions or in fear of injury or death who also happen to be sex workers?

Finally, I wonder at the name.  Really guys?  “I have a ‘Proposition’ for you?”  Gah.