Bad things about water

One of the nifty little features of WordPress is that it tracks a bunch of stuff about your blog. You can see how many people have been to your blog each day, and which individual entry has been viewed, and how often.  It also tracks which links inside your blog are clicked, and where viewers might have originated from – either via tags or an online search.  So far, one person has viewed my blog by finding it on an internet search.  They found it by entering ‘Bad things about water’.  Hmm.  I didn’t know I had been talking about water much…  Which just proves the unreliability of search engines.  I guess they do the best they can though, the poor little chuggers.  Anyway, all this talk about water reminds me that bottled spring water in the US is completely unregulated.  I could bottle my tap water and sell it under the name ‘Spring of Belmont’ and that would be perfectly legal.  Just remember that the next time you think about picking up some Nestle or Coca-Cola water.