I fail (for the moment) at gyminee.

Remember those New Year’s resolutions of a month ago? I don’t – I really didn’t have any. Still, I find it interesting that in the month of December, when I was traveling for almost half the month, I made it to the gym at least once a week. This month? A grand total of one time.

Sure, a large part of that can be attributed to illness – both mine and my gym partners – and a general start-of-the-year blah. But it goes deeper than that. Take, for instance, the gyminee program and graphs I wrote about earlier. I was all excited to get going and track my progress! And I thought that I might even be able to determine a few things about the way my body works in terms of food, exercise, and a general feeling of health. So far, that has not been the case.

Every morning I wake up and scale myself, marking down the ups and downs of my weight, body fat, and water levels. On the exercise side things have pretty much been flatline. As for food, I just haven’t been able to track it accurately. Not because I haven’t been trying – and I do have gyminee to thank for providing that tracking model. But it’s jsut too hard to tally effectively. If you go out to tapas for your friend’s birthday, even if you can find nutrition information for the restaurant later, how can you possibly guage how much of each dish you had? What about if you’re just hanging out with friends or at a party and have some snacks?

In addition, the nutrition information on the back of a product is not that specific anyway. They don’t measure the fat and sugar content of each individual Twinkee. It’s an average, an amount within a certain tolerance. And while I don’t know what that tolerance is, it doesn’t comfort me to note that even my most diligently tracked numbers might be incorrect.

Still, I will try my best for you and hopefully have some results (however arbitrary) for you in another month.