More Bad Things About Water

I just noticed in the news today (stupid blog, making me read current events) that three states – Florida, Alabama, and Georgia – are fighting over the use of a federal reservoir.  This brings up related water issues.  First, what is the demand rate really like?  Are we running out of water? We do tend to use quite a bit that we don’t need, not even considering the resources spent on water purification and waste treatment.

It reminds me of the Colorado and its dams, fueling the great southwestern desert.   I mean, who other than an American would have the great idea to build huge gambling establishments in the middle of the desert, where everything must be brought in from the outside (including water) for the benefit of the patrons.  Best of all is the Colorado River Compact, which splits up all that water and determines use allowances by state.  Of course, they set the whole thing up during flood years, so now every year surrounding states are allowed to pull out more water than is accumulated.  Way to go government, for observing that one!

I don’t like ending on a depressing not, though.  Check this out instead.  It will at least make you chuckle…