Please, do not make me hurt you.

There are a number of annoyances that people must put up with at work.  As Joe vs. the Volcano exemplifies, there’s the lights, there’s the disgusting coffee, and there’s the totally depressing and pointless job environment.  There’s also co-workers who talk on the phone too loud, and the people who never, ever clean up after themselves.

My own personal pet peeves from the working world come from the inability of others to do things for themselves.  Half the time I have to print a document, the printer is out of paper – all four trays.  Thanks, guys.  Or the water cooler, which always seems to be out of water when I need a drink.  I mean, I know I’m a strong woman and all, but I’m also a klutz.  Leaving me with a whole 5 gallons of water is bound to end with wall-splashing.

But the absolute worst, the one that makes me crazy enough to want to hurt small puppies, has to do with filing.  Specifically the inability of others to use alphabetical or chronological order when returning documents and files to the file room.  I mean, really.  It’s the alphabet.  I can guarantee that even if you never finished elementary school and don’t know how to read, that you are at least somewhat familiar with the alphabet.  Also, if you already managed to locate the file you want, you’ve already used that same alphabet to find the file.  so it’s strictly a matter of putting the file back in the same place.

Now, I know some of us are extremely lazy.  I  know I certainly don’t want to spend all day every day filing (or reorganizing others’ misplaced files).  But really, if your expending almost the exact same amount of energy to get up and go to the file room, the least you could do is watch what your doing and put the silly thing in the right place.

Otherwise, all that misplaced paper may come get you.  Just look at what happened to Robert De Niro in Brazil.