The Conherency of Mormons

As I struggle in my own faith, I am troubled by a variety of belief structures different from my own. Vehement atheists who I picture as scary for their anger. Mormons who come a-knocking. Scientologists. And then, I am occasionally struck by shades of light from these different faith traditions, struck that they too may have valid reasons for their crazy beliefs and that I should not be so quick to judge without knowing more.

I have known a few Mormons in my day, and I can attest to the fact that they aren’t all crazy. Some of them are even intelligent. That doesn’t mean I haven’t found all the beehives and golden plates a little off-putting, but it means that I have approached new Mormons I meet with a degree of rationality I might not have with others. And then stories like this one remind me why that approach is valid. I wanna talk to this guy. I think he’s someone who would give me a reasonable understanding of his own faith and teach me about what Mormonism could mean, rather than the stereotypes I have regarding it. It gives me hope for a faithfully discerning world, despite differences of religion or belief.