Driving to town only once a day? It’s crazy!

CNN recently published an article following the fall in ‘drivership’ due to rising gas prices.  Over Memorial Day weekend, people drove less than in the previous year, many opting for a ‘staycation’ or a cookout in the back yard rather than an hours-long trek to someplace else.  Even more people were opting for public transportation to combat rising gas prices.  At long last, people are being reasonable and actually thinking through their driving.  Of course, it’s only because not thinking is hitting them where it hurts most – their wallets – but I’m willing to take what I can get.

The cultural mindset we have about driving can best be seen in one woman’s change of plans – she comments on the ridiculousness of her new habits of catching rides with friends and only going into town once a day, which she calls crazy.  Maybe I’m cheap and/or don’t currently own a car, but I always like to catch rides with friends.  And most weeks, since I work outside the city, I don’t go in more than once a week.

We expect, as Americans, to be able to drive.  We expect to own at least one car, and possibly more than one.  We expect to someday own our own homes – and look where that’s got us.  We expect to be able to afford and be justified in cross-country trips to see family and friends or just to tour famous sites.  We expect to drive our cars to and from work every day, and to every little errand, whether two blocks or two miles away.  Personally I hope gas prices stay high until we know our expectations are unrealistic.  It may take a long time.


One of my co-workers told another co-worker that she had dreamed about him last night.  She said, “something bad happened to you.  You need to be careful,” in all seriousness.  My co-workers reaction was this: “it was the most uncomfortable conversation I’ve ever had with someone.  She is c-r-a-z-y.”  Despite the fact that the whole thing crosses questionable office etiquette lines and leads me to wonder about the gullibility levels of certain of my co-workers, I too had an unusual dream last night.  I feel an irrefutable need to share.

The dream started off with everyone I knew on a plane.  I do mean everyone – it was a big plane.  For coherency’s sake we’ll say it was one of those big tank-carrying planes, the c-5 galaxy.  Anyway, either there was already a bomb on the plane (Speed 3), or someone evil was trying to crash the plane or use it for nefarious purposes, so we built a bomb to blow it up first.  After we all jumped out with parachutes and life rafts.  Of course, the bomb accidentally went off early and everybody died, except for me and my dad, who happened to be near me and the door.  We grabbed a raft and hit the air.

There’s a moral to a story here.  Dreams about death are probably not to be shared.