A New Photodea.

Every day on my walk to the bus stop, I walk along a low stone wall.  I’m not sure how it got there, or why, as it stretches across the property of a church, about 10 houses, and an apartment building.  Perhaps it is a piece of the original ‘beautiful hill’ of Belmont.  Regardless, it is one of the most interesting and visually intriguing aspects of my walk.  In this wall, there is variety.  Mosses and ferns grown in damp chinks of it.  The first rays of morning warm its stony top in others.  It is because of this wall, and the variety of perspectives that can be seen along it, that I got my new photo idea about perspective.

I want to take pictures from the wall all along its expanse, the things you will see from its top.  I want to contrast the weedy barrenness of a parking lot with the quiet cluster of a shady grove of trees with the stars of white violets in dark, rich grass with the isolation of one single tulip on the edge of a concrete expanse.  I want to examine what life looks like from the perspective of this wall.

And then I got to thinking, what else?  What about life from the branches of a tree, looking out from under its illuminated leaves?  Could that be interesting and beautiful?  And what about from a moving vehicle, like the bus I ride to work or the insides of subway tunnels?  What about the everyday scenes from my front porch, or the expression of a day as seen from one solitary park bench?

At about this time, Monotone was introduced.  Eureka!  Here’s the perfect forum for these new ideas!  And what other wonderful things could go with it?  Bits of poetry inspired by the scenes?  Snags of potentially related thought?  The delicately written features of whim and fancy?  I hope to explore the possibilities this weekend, possibly with a new blog if I get motivated.