Dream Big.

Get Smart will premier in just a week.  Despite my childhood love of the series, I view the new movie with some trepidation.  I love the quirky voice of Maxwell Smart from the old shows, first known to me as the voice of Inspector Gadget.  I loved the way he was silly man who everyone knew was silly and yet they trusted and somehow he always came out on top.  And while I trust Steve Carell in this role, He can’t give me the first thing and I’m not sure the movie is really going to give me the second.  It seems from the previews that Agent 86 is down on his luck and must win out against the day for a Hollywood ending.  I’ve had enough of people’s inner strengths eventually being realized.  Whatever happened to the bumbly fool we knew was a fool and loved for his foolishness, not just his success?  To have others realize Max’s flaws as flaws seems to go against the grain of the original show, leaving all of us still hoping for the day we will succeed, rather than being loved for our own current foolishnesses.

Another part of the show that was always doomed to fail was the technology used in the series.  The explosive lollipop didn’t explode, the pinky-ring recorder malfunctioned, and the shoe phone was out of service.  But that didn’t stop the inventors from coming up with new foolishnesses, or the agents from trusting and trying them over and over.  The current movie should be more of the same (I hope), if a little more based in reality.  While many of the devices that will be used in the movie are exaggerated, I wonder if the ridiculousness of the gadgets and their malfunctions will still be an integral part of the plot.  I hope so.  Because if we’ve lost the ability to make fun of our obsession with newer and better stuff, we may be sucked down in the whirlpool.  I want the ability to see where we’re heading, the ability to poke a little fun at our own preoccupations with science, as well as the ability to think about the wonders the next ten years will bring.