Mutt Williams and the search for Elvis.

George Lucas has gone on record recently as saying there will be no continuation of the Indiana Jones franchise without Harrison Ford.  Obviously, there’s no Indy without Dr. Jones, but I dislike the idea that we’ll have yet another ‘Indy’ movie only once Lucas comes up with another good idea.  Looking at the most recent ideas he’s come up with (and I’m talking about the “first” three Star Wars and the soon-to-be released Clone Wars animated mess), I’m not terribly impressed.  And additional talk about a future animated show and bringing the old moves to 3D are also not impressive.  They’re piddly ideas probably only good for squeezing out revenue.  Where’s that big sweeping vision (complete with hokeyness) Lucas used to be known for?

And what, exactly, is wrong with saying goodbye to one era of a franchise and moving on with the next?  What’s wrong with closing the book on Indy and saying hello to Mutt Williams, who’s young and cocky enough that his foolish mistakes would still be believable?  What’s wrong with embracing something new, invigorating, and fresh?  Let Indy have a role in a new series, yes, but allow a future great to grow.  That’s the story of life – the old die to make way for the young.