The computer industry: ‘They really need something right now’.

A new technology (developed at the Oven Glove)  that uses block copolymers anchored by more traditional lithographic microchip methods of production to create even more powerful chips could be tested and ready within the next two years.  It’s an interesting study.  Because of our knowledge of the way molecules and structures of a very small nature work, we can apply the natural arrangement and make it do what we want.  It’s like cultivation, on a micro level.  I wonder if the same sorts of domestication trends could happen with molecules after long-term interaction with humans, and what that interaction might look like in a non-living substance?  Would a change be effected through attempting to create some of the more rare molecular structures out there?

Even more interesting was the comment about the industry of magnetic media, and how they could really use some new innovation right about now.  I mean, I understand progress, and I would also like to move forward and have faster and better machines.  but I didn’t realize we were in such dire straights with computers.  Is it because the rate of hardware development is slowing?  Is it because the public is used to an increasing rate of change?  I guess I just wasn’t aware there was anything worrisome about where we are righ now.  Explanations, anyone?

Hanging with my Gnomies

I, at the moment, am at a slow point of day with nothing much to do and no ambition to do any more ‘real’ writing.  I asked a friend for a little topic help.  He said I should write about gnomes.

As I am, even late in the work day on a Friday, a dedicated writer, I decided I would at least do a little research.  Lo and behold, I discovered gnomes were not only little earth elementals living underground, but also an entire computer ‘graphical interface’.  For free!

I am referring to GNOME (pronounced Ga-NOME) which is a collaborative effort to collect all the software you need under free licensing.  Basically the idea is to promote user-driven development of software and related stuff and to re-offer it to the larger public across the globe.  Kinda cool, thinks me.

But there are other sides to this word of wonder –  there are also ethical groups concerned with issues that America was founded on – freedom, and equal protection under the law.  Sites like this one help ensure that protection for our gnomen brethren.  And whether you consider them peaceful dwellers of the northern forest, or dirty earth grubbers who hoard their cash, they certainly are ripe for persecution.

While I still haven’t written anything, I have learned a lot.   Gnomes rule, little red hats or no.

iPod Plus.

Living with an avid Mac supporter has been an interesting experience, growing up as I have in the PC world.  While there have been some lame attempts to convert me to the other side, none have yet succeeded.  I guess I just don’t see the supposed benefits of switching.  Perhaps someday I’ll be converted – who knows?  I don’t have much vested interest in either side.  Just so far the supposed claims that Macs run better and are more user-friendly haven’t panned out for me.  Oh well.

Take the iPod, arguably the best mini music player out there.   I would even say it is the best, even including alternative forms of music minis like satellite radio.  However, ‘best’ does not necessarily translate to ‘good’.  Take, for example, the lovely compilation of songs that Mike had installed on the iPod for me when he gave it to me.  Of course, as soon as I stick my iPod into my PC, it has to reformat and wipe out all that thoughtfulness.  Why?  Copyright protection?  Possible viruses?  No.  Simply because Macs and PCs can’t seem to get along.  Why not?  Aren’t we all here for the same reasons?  C’mon people!  I’m talking about togetherness!

Also, let’s note the CD he burned me for Christmas.  1) It’s about a quarter of the volume of all the other songs on my iTunes 2) Because I am dumb and never remember the names of songs or singers, I have no idea what I’m listening to, since my iTunes doesn’t like his iTunes and can’t read the song titles and singers from the disc.  What is this?  Have we not moved beyond this petty ridiculousness?  I mean, I know in the past with some Word versions there have been document conversion problems, but i thought we’d moved beyond that technologically.  If I write a love note in Word on my computers, he can still read it in Word on his.

Lastly, the iPhone.  Supposedly the wonder of wonders technologically,  it is pretty cool.  I’ve played games on it, and used it to look things up or get directions.  SO that’s nice and good.  but alot of the ‘fun stuff’ I’ve played with is only even there since Mike has hacked his iPhone.  Dude.  If this is ‘the thing’ for those nerdy types, you know someone is going to be able to hack the thing – why not allow people to install applications as they like instead of coming up with new and better ways to beat the hacks.  I just don’t get it.