A Smarter Facebook

I am, by nature, only a somewhat lazy person.  I say ‘somewhat lazy’ because there are a few key laziness signs that I do exhibit, though I am on the whole a fairly motivated and active person.  I don’t pick up or clean my apartment as often as I should, though I do occasionally do a full cleaning when the grime gets too thick.  I haven’t yet taken the time to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life, though I do try to broaden my skill set with outside classes and my current job.  I haven’t gotten a book published yet, but I have at least finished one (crappy, mostly unedited) novel.  So I’m not a complete bum.

However, one of the things I don’t do is constantly check whether or not my old acquaintances and friends are on facebook.  Fortunately for the half-lazies like me, there are new programs that take care of this.  Somehow, that wonderful sphere of technology has broadened yet again.  Some lovely algorithm is out there every day, comparing my friends to each other.  When some of my friends (I’m not sure how many) are also friends with the same person, it pops up this little ‘People You May Know’ box tot he right of the main page.  How wonderful!  Now I can friend all those semi-acquaintances I’d almost been able to put out of my head!  Pretty soon, that random guy you saw in the train last Tuesday will automatically pop up for stalking on facebook since you did (if accidentally) make eye contact.  That totally counts as a friend-worthy experience.