Surviving until the weekend.

It’s Friday, work is boring, and we could all use a little releif.  So, I’m giving you my top ten list for surviving the next 7.5 hours.

10.  The Zombie countdown.  Find out the best ways to tackle the Horde.

9. Armor games.  Fun, light, easy to play while you work.

8. Remember the G.I. Joe cartoons?  Remember the public service announcements that came after them, with the Joes helping kids be less dumb?  There are spoofs.  Here‘s a (possibly) complete list.  All I have to say is MIMIMIMIMI.

7. Free Rice.  Because it’s helpful.  And Educaty.  And, you could argue, increases your jobbing skills.

6. Anybody up for the evaluation of platforms for hypertext fiction?  I guess this one is only cool to a writer who is not used to thinking outside the box – it makes me think about multiple paths.  And who didn’t love choose your own adventure books?  So what if I had to go back after and read every possible ending?

5.  Again with the writing – this is really a list of markets for writers, mostly online publications.  But if you want a good read or a particular kind of read, almost every single one of the publications listed has some free online stories.

4. I’m a nerd.  And I like the Narnia books.  Well, some of them, anyway.  So there’s this.

3. Since all Fridays need to come with some levity and seriousness (and reality), here’s this.  It’s all real.  Real funny.  Looking.

2. Scrabulous.  Need I say more?

1. Ok, I’m out of ideas.  So maybe, in that little comments section so many of you use, you could share yours.

Writers, Untie!

So, today is probably going to be another bored-at-work day.  True, I should probably be studying for my final exam tonight. Or possibly writing something, or even working on this blog.  But I’m feeling uninspired.  SO, I’m drafting YOU, dear reader! Were are going to write a cumulative tale together.  I’ll start with the first line, then somebody else writes the next one, then another person, the next, etc.  Then we have a little tale we can all be proud of, hurrah!  The only rule is that you can’t write more than one sentence in a row.  And please, no run-ons.

So, here we go:

It was a bright, shining, light-filled sort of midwinter morning.

Scrabulous? Perhaps

Though I was pulled kicking and screaming into the Facebook world by my two younger sisters (Thanks, both of you, for the giant GAPS on my Myspace Top 12), I have found my permanent niche there. That niche is online Scrabble. I love it, I’m addicted, and I’m half-torn between admitting I have a problem and dancing with joy at the thought of procrastination which may actually sharpen my mind. And while it’s probably not so good to be constantly online checking on the multiple games I have going at once, it is nice to have a little brain bender to turn to when I need a little break. Call it the World Wide Water Cooler.

In addition I have recently encountered a new type of Scrabble that makes clear what I love about Facebook’s online version, Scrabulous. It’s called Scrabble Scramble. In some unknown way it differs from Scrabble Express, which I have no experience with. Anyway, the point of this game is speed.  No more waiting for the slow one to tediously spell out three letter words. No more dancing around the room hoping that your perfect bingo is not destroyed before you can play it. It’s a roll-and-go game that forces you to think on your feet and adapt to changing situations under pressure.

While I do still love and cherish the online dictionary of Scrabulous, some have said that checking your words in such dictionaries is tantamount to cheating. I prefer to think of such use as a way to learn new words and expand my mind, but I will say it’s rare for me to actually look up the words I’ve discovered. Still, what really draws me to both Scrabulous and Scrabble Scramble is the flexibility of the game. Both take up just a little bit of time, are portable or readily accessible from multiple locations, and demand flexible thinking as well as game strategy and a large vocabulary. Where could you go wrong with that?