I just don’t understand…

Trends in ‘modern life’ seem to swing back and forth between thrift and extravagance.  Take, for instance, foam soap dispensers.  AS far as I am aware, the whole point of this type of dispenser is to save soap.  Whether or not the ‘saving’ is for reasons of cost or environment I’ve never understood.  Soap really doesn’t cost so much that we need to use 70% less of it.  And as far as environmental impact goes, I’m sure there’s some in the manufacture of liquid soap, but nothing really in comparison to, say, batteries or fluorescent bulbs (did you know how much mercury is in those things?  Toxic, man.  Waaaay toxic. )  So I remain confused about the need to save soap.

Even more confusing is where ‘technology’ and soap saving combine.  here I’m talking about the automatic soap dispenser.  Not only does it foam into your hand non-wastefully, it makes sure you don’t over-squirt through the use of…needless electricity.  I can understand this non-wasteful gesture when imposed on water, or even paper towels, which I would prefer not to waste.  But soap?  Really?  Soap, in particular in my office bathroom, when niether the water or the towels are ‘automatic’?  If we can non-wastefully turn the faucet on and off, somehow I think we would be able to manage with soap.  but that’s just me.