The ultimate freaky.

Ok, my last post was basically about me being a freak.  But there are people out there who are more freaky than me.  Most of the ones I’ve found I love and have total respect for.  Most of them are incredibly intelligent, kind, and ballsy (just like me).  I have recently found that a few of them also have an odd relationship to Skittles.

It all started when I watched this new spot for skittles:

While this ad does slightly creep me out, it’s creepy in a good way.  Feet don’t generally disturb me.  Skittles on feet don’t even disturb me.  Eating Skittles off someone’s feet – well, I guess I’d just have to be really, really good friends with someone to do that.  I mean, really close, like licking-someone-else’s-foot close.  And that’s close.  Maybe I’m just a lickee, not a licker.  Or maybe I’d just really really like Skittles.

However, while watching this ad at work, Cathy came over and had her own comments about Skittles.  I love Cathy, she’s awesome.  She’s also one of those who really likes Skittles on occasion.  The occasion she specifically chose to mention today at my desk was as follows: “I like it when I’m in the mood for a tart tongue bleeding.”  Now, I’m all for that super-tart almost unbearable taste myself on occasion, but the whole tongue bleeding thing threw me.  I must’ve looked at her funny, because she tried to explain that the skittles and sweet tarts cut her tongue when she ate them.  And I can get that.  Sometimes candy is sharp.  I’m just not one to go around cutting my tongue just for that tart taste.  In fact, i find that a little disturbing too.  But I still give her major props 1) for being just as awesome as that Skittles ad creator and 2) for being unafraid to share her intense Skittles love with me, her pal.

My life could certainly be worse.  I could just be stalked by Skittles-hungry denizens of the city, all of them hungry for my feet.


In a bid to grab the spotlight for one of the causes he supports, Conservation International, Harrison Ford was recently in a 30-second spot (below) detailing how slash and burn methods in other countries still have a major negative impact on our own.

The slogan of the campaign is ‘Lost Here. Felt There.” While I could focus on how the whole thing makes Ford look pretty bony and old, or how the music is a little out of place and ridiculous, I’d rather focus on the positive: making a statement (punny or no) with your fame. It’s something I hope to be able to do myself someday.

But what are the ultimate results of this campaign?  Conservation international aims to be a force both for education, innovation, and conservation by working with local communities around the globe.  I can fully support that, and I think most of us do, particularly when that kind of innovation means income for the locals as well as conservation of species and other forest resources.   There are always questions regarding whose interests are more valued in conservation efforts – those trying to turn a profit, or those trying to preserve a local ecosystem – but from what I can tell from the general outlines on the website, Conservation International seems to be doing a reasonable job.  Personally, I still take the Ford spot as vindication for letting my own personal leg-forests grow. I’m saving the environment.

American Gladiators ONLINE!

In speaking with my sister, Shelly last night in our first of many future spontaneous and completely unpurposeful phone conversations, I was pleased to learn something new through her. NBC, that master of television networks, has decided to air a select few of their new American Gladiators shows online! Wonder of wonders!

I decided to check them out for you, to give you some idea of what is available, and to see if they have the episode I’d written about earlier here. Well, they do – it’s episode 1, part 2 on the NBC website. True, there are the typical ads you have to sit through before getting to the real grist of the show, but there are always other things to do while you wait to get past them. Me, I’m writing this blog as I wait for another episode to load. And this way you can avoid the ads unlike watching the show while it plays on TV.
Anyway, they have nights 1 – 4 online, if you need to get your dose of Gladiators some evening or weekend. Or if you have a very relaxed work environment. I think it’s really a good plan on the part of NBC – not only are they enticing viewers to watch further episodes each week, since not all are available online, but they’ve really reworked the gladiator show well, to make it more of a cumulative contest where people move on to future stages by winning. And Hulk Hogan really is an awesome MC to have. Not only does he have the machismo from his wrestling career, but he has those acting skills garnered from the hit TV show, Hogan Knows Best. And let’s not forget those early action movies that combined both machismo AND acting skills – Suburban Commando, and the not-to-be-slighted Mr. Nanny in the same vein.

Since I’ve gone through the second season of Pretender with Mike completely, it’s feels really good to know I have the Gladiators just there, waiting for me, should I need them.