Christmas Letter 2019

2019 has been a jam-packed year from start to finish.  Connor’s first big trip happened in January – the three of us went to a cabin in Rhododendron for two nights while I was still on maternity leave. 

It was a little much for him, but we survived. He learned about the cold, and bundling up, and saw his first snowfall, though we didn’t catch those first flakes on camera.

From that early start, he’s hit milestone after milestone: rolling over, first teeth, crawling, first words, standing up, first giggles, feeding himself, first claps and high-fives, dancing and singing, and now first steps. Every day is a new development, and there are too many to list.  The best way to stay informed of all his achievements is through the TinyBeans application, where we post photos almost daily.  If you’re interested, please shoot me a note with your email address.

We were able to take several trips over the course of the year. We went down to California to visit Josh’s side of the family, and introduced Connor to his great-grandparents for the first time. We went to the Oregon Coast for a weekend with the knitters. We spent time with my college friends and family in California and Missouri. We went to Indianapolis and saw extended family and family friends while there. My sisters came for a long visit, and my dad visited multiple times. We were able to camp a couple of times during the summer, if not as often as I’d like.

I took the opportunity this year to run a well-known Oregon relay race called Hood to Coast, where teams run from Mt. Hood to Seaside, OR over two days. It was a goal to help me get motivated to get back in shape, and I ended up liking running more than I thought I would. Now I guess I’m a runner, so my goal is to continue training and hopefully run a marathon before I turn 40.

March was a rough month for us this year.  Mom has been gone for two years now, and there’s so much I wish I could ask her about her experience raising us. My good friend Paige passed away March 1 after battling cancer the entire time I was pregnant and on maternity leave.

I was promoted to a senior manager position at Nike and am now responsible for our technology workforce strategy with external providers.  Josh has finished work on a contracted home remodel with his partner, and the two of them are preparing for the first remodel they are going to flip in the new year.

Most recently, we adopted two 3-month-old kittens. Connor absolutely adores them and is learning how to play with living things that are smaller than him – good practice for the future. Josh is very patiently putting up with the extra cleaning, but he loves them as well. They both have their own personalities, but are absolutely adorable.

Though we’ve gotten busy with the little ones and next year shows no sign of slowing down, you’re in our hearts and minds. Love to all!