Abhaya and Creaky Crocky: A Tale in Three Parts

Actually I spent a long time journalling this weekend and I have quite a bit to put down about India.  However, I’m writing this instead due to my chair at work.  It squeaks.  Literally at the slightest shift from me and it lets out horrendous squeals, which is both embarrassing and disturbing to the work of others.  I kept apologizing to those around me, which led to a conversation with Abhaya, which (naturally) got around to crocodiles.  Which, of course, led to this:


One day Abhaya was taking a walk after work, not really paying attention to where she was going as the orange afterglow of the sun slowly faded.  She came across a new friend.  He had a big smile.


Fortunately for all involved, Abhaya had a sideline as an alchemist and was able to whip up a skin tonic that would set her new friend to rights in no time.


Of course, supple skin, while valued, is not a large part of the way we select long term friends.  Alas.


Aaand that took way too long.  I’m going back to using stick people for everything.