The Oven Glove gets a little crazy

It’s been some time since I’ve written at all, let alone about my workplace.  Part of that is my extreme, frantic, pace of life recently, what with going back to school and moving across the country.  The other part is no longer working, and therefore not having a workplace to write about.  My workplace is the universe?

In the past, however, I’ve been part of my share of workplace cranks and fun ridiculousness.    There’s the covering an entire workstation in saran-wrap gag, or the hanging various objects from the ceiling surprise.  But the most classic of all is the ‘your office doesn’t exist’ gaff, or the slightly-less-used ‘your office is something else’ bit.

My former workplace does these well, probably because there are frequent changes in the office layout and because we have a good working relationship with the management company.  This time the theme is ‘the necessary’.  See below:

It's cozy!

This was an office of considerable size at one time, rather than a 3×3 space to sit and contemplate.  I have no idea what a certain individual is going to do when he/she ‘returns to work’.  I look forward to finding out though, through the grapevine, though no longer up-close and personal.