Now that I’m in the eye of the law school storm, it’s update the blog time.  Hooray!!!  So for your not-quite tasteful sampling pleasure, here’s the best of the professorial quotes from this fall.  Please keep in mind that some of these are merely slips of the tongue, and all of them have been taken out of context.  Enjoy!

Legal elements:

“tune of canna” (can of tuna)

“that’s not why plaintiff loses”  (no idea why this is funny, but I thought it was at the time)

“Congresspeople were doing things with mistresses…and masters.”

“bullshit detector for judges”

“debauchery meaning really crazy nutty stuff”

“I can see you don’t set out to sea very often.  Neither do I, right?”

“They kept making their own law.  Damn them.”

“I’d cross town to save 4 bucks on gin.”

“Nine even rather elderly gentlemen move faster than Congress.”

“This one splits the baby a little bit.”

Civil Procedure:

“Wigglesworth – It’s the best case in the book!”


“That’s not a privy…” (privity)

“Foursome…that’s a GOLF term.”

“It seems like skullduggery is afoot.”

“She’s ‘E’…for ‘Emily'”

“What do you do with International Shoe?”

“Oh shit, McShara.”

“They don’t want people falling off their motor-sickle and dying.”

“gad-about busybody SOB”

“FR3P…R2D2 doesn’t say anything about it.”


“…thrust upon him like some roving band of excavators.”

“If you reacted reasonably, you could’ve stopped the bleeding.”

“…old English feudal land law that still wanders around and messes up things today”

“Even the trial judge went off on some crazy stuff.”

“…crud you can buy in the bookstore.”

“The proceeds went into his arm or up his nose or some appropriate place.”


“As we all know, motor vehicles result in death…or can.”

“Ran out of time, but…splurt.”

“person number ’13′” (yeah, not sure why this one was funny either)

“Would a court expect you to expose yourself to dead…death?”

“We’re talking about a drunk guy.  He’s not Spiderman.”

“struck the budgy…buggy”

“Sorry sister (wagging finger) – He’s not something you get to recover for.”

“At the point that the employee pulls into the parking lot, he’s on the frolic.”

“It’s a pro-cow kind of law – the cow, in effect, has the right of way.”

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  1. emmy em said,

    December 22, 2009 at 10:11 am

    Oh hai. Miss you. WUV YOU!

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