Winding up to WriMo time

Despite my schedule, despite law school, and despite my lack of ability to say no to people who ask me to do things, Portland has thus far been a very contemplative space for me.  Perhaps the busyness is even part of it, in pressuring to think about the larger life-scale issues.  Maybe it’s the hordes of others asking me what kind of law I want to practice and why.  Still, I’ve found myself thinking deep, really digging into the idea of what I want my life to be and what I have to offer the world.

A part of that is why I’m seriously considering still doing NaNoWriMo this year despite oncoming first year finals and too many outside activities.  At the core, I am still and will always be a writer.  It’s the creative skill set I consider most dear, most central to who I am as a person.  It is the basis for my perception, and perceptivness, if I have some.  It gives me a unique resource in categorizing the world around me.  To have that redefinition of self, that central principle reaffirmed in the midst of the whirlwind that will be November for me this year will give me the balance to do well in December.  And typing X words a day will speed up my typing skills for test taking.

So I have excuses of why to write.  The question that remains, as always, is what.  Something uplifting and inspirational that I can read again to cheer myself up in January?  Something gritty and ‘real’, perhaps even lawyerly?  Something outside the arena in which I currently base my existence?  All of the ‘who are we-what are we-contact-contact’ questions?