Many Travels – Kentucky

Post-Puerto Rico, I spent a total of one night in Boston, hanging out one last time with friends, washing laundry, and repacking things to go home.  Then, as soon as I’d spent a night in Indy, Shelly and I and the parents were off to Barbourville, KY to visit Shannon at ASP where she was working for the summer. ASP – Appalachia Service Project – is a program similar to Habitat in which volunteers  rebuild and repair housing for those who cannot afford it in Appalachia.  It’s a really great project, and all three of us girls have volunteered with them before.

I’ll get the random details of the trip out of the way first, shall I?

1. This weirdo bug is the one we found on our picnic table the first night out when we were grilling with the volunteers Shannon works with and the families they help:


2. Immediately outside our hotel room was the parking lot light.  By ‘immediately’ I mean we had a pair of giant glowing bulbs almost tapping on our windowpane that were as big as my torso.  Great for sleeping, awesome design for a hotel.

3.  My father mentioned the phrase “bait and switch” and Shannon mistakenly thought he said “bacon switch”, which is both funny and delicious.

4. Shannon early one morning made the comment that she sounded like a man.  Somehow I misheard her.  I thought she said “Hold, Pokemon.”  Evidently we’re all hard of hearing, some more than others.

We had a great time visiting with Shannon’s staff and families, had time to go to the pool at our hotel, played lots of games (including Killer Bunnies) and visited many of the local sites.  For those of you who don’t know, the area is famous for a few firsts.  The first house in Kentucky was built here in 1750 by a group led by Dr. Thomas Walker.  In order to confirm a charter of land granted in the area, a dwelling had to be established and an acre of corn had to be harvested.  Although the log cabin he built was not permanent, and the group left the area to return east after fights with the local Indians, Dr. Walker did take the opportunity to explore the area and name it after the Duke of Cumberland, whom he admired.  It was also in this area that the first Civil War battle in Kentucky was fought.  Finally, the Sanders Cafe is is located not too far away.  For those of you who don’t love and honor the Colonel, this is the location of the first-ever KFC.  Sadly, we did not have enough time to stop by.

Below are some of the pictures we took of Shannon and the families she’s been helping this summer.  EnjoP1030481








Here’s one of Shannon with one of their cooks.  As usual, they enjoy themselves together.


Finally, on the way home we were able to stop off and visit Nick for lunch.