The tooth fairy

Yesterday I had an exciting visit to one of my favorite places – the dentist office.

Now, i know, some of you may be thinking, ‘Look, Stacey’s so cute, she made a funny!’.  But no, really.  I actually really like my dentist and his office.  There are skylights in the patient rooms, green growing things everywhere, and the man is actually funny.  How often does that happen?  He gets excited about explaining your options to you as far as your teeth go, and just generally promotes a good environment for his employees.  Plus, his hygienists don’t have the anguish and rage that some do, so they aren’t vindictive about the pointy things they shove in your mouth.  And since I’m no longer a child, and get to choose the things that do or don’t get shoved into my face, I’m going to choose people with gentle hands.  I love my teeth – the first one I lost I ended up asking the tooth fairy to give back, because I wanted to keep that little baby tooth more than the money.  Things that fall out of your head are important.

But back to the dentist office –  on this particular occasion, I had that bane of dental patients everywhere, the New Hygienist.  Always they’re nice, sweet, chipper ladies who you think are graceful and couth until their fingers get into your mouths, at which point you promise whatever they ask to lessen the pain.  But even that went surprisingly well.  Instead of asking me in-depth questions while her fingers are all tangled up in my mouth, she casually described how she got into the dental industry, which she now loves.  Even though she knows it’s weird, there’s something satisfying about making things clean – a fascination I find much more comforting than other reasons people might give for being in the field.  Plus, she was also a nighttime grinder, so we had a fabulous discussion about the paranoia involved with dreams where your teeth fall out or wiggle around loosely in your gums.  There’s a reason some people brush more frequently than others.

So despite the fact that I have a cavity and have to go back for a final visit, it’s a pleasing place.  If I have to trust a tooth fairy to keep my nostalgic old chompers safe, this would be the one.


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