Fried Moose Balls and Ant-chilada

I would like to consider my culinary tastes as ‘diverse’ and my own inclination as ‘willing to try anything once’, but sometimes, I just have no desire to try.  There’s such a thing as taking food diversity too far.  I have no desire to subsist on unripe berries and the inner bark of trees, but it probably could be done.  And although I find the idea of a Roadkill Cook-off interesting, I have no real desire for moose balls or groundhog gravy.  I’d probably try them once, but the article doesn’t make me want to rush off to North Carolina at the moment.  In addition, I feel quite a bit of hesitation about something like the scorpion stir-fry.  I mean, I’ve done ants and crickets and lots of kinds of grubs just to try them out, but the idea of putting something that has a sting in my mouth just doesn’t appeal.  I mean, you could probably eat small pieces of sea glass since it’s been dulled by the waves, but that doesn’t really appeal either.

I guess I’ll continue to confine my ‘economic collapse food miserliness’ to sandwiches instead.  But I will leave you with a photo.  If it elicits a mouth-watering response, you may want to get yourself checked out.



1 Comment

  1. fried moose said,

    August 14, 2009 at 1:02 am

    taste like chicken

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