A large lump of Spectacle.

I listen to Pandora.  When I listen to Pandora, I discover music that I normally would not have discovered.  I find things that, perhaps, my friends do not like.  Most of all, I find stuff that has all kinds of associations and connections that I am totally unaware of, living the sheltered and musically-awkward life that I do.  So when Suzanne said “I’m going to the Fischerspooner concert, you should come”, my reply was “Oooh, I love their music!  Sure!”  The fact that no one else had heard of them didn’t really impact me at all.  Of course, it also didn’t alert me to the type of show I was in for.

I’ll now have to go back and take a look at all their videos on Youtube once I’m no longer at work.   But there is one question that no video, website, or Wikipedia article can answer that I have after seeing them in concert.  After one particular number, Casey Spooner apologized to the audience (because he thought the performance of it was crap). When one of the dancers (yes, they have dancers, male and females mostly wearing basically nothing) spun around and almost whacked the mic out of his hand later in the show, I thought he was going to beat her with it onstage.  The glare was heavy.  So is he really a Prima Donna?  Or is it all just a part of the show?

I can certainly say that this is the first concert I’ve ever attended where the music genuine didn’t matter.  It was there.  I definitely heard it and danced around to it.  But really, I would have been just as happy with the show if it had been done in complete silence.  True, that would’ve made it a good deal creepier and the microphone  might have seemed out of place, but I would’ve felt my $25 was worth that alone.  But I guess moving mirrors, continual on-stage costume changes, large projection and small monitor videos, a variety of wigs and wags, and really thick eyebrows everywhere is what you get from a performance artist-turned-musician.  I loved it.