Ok, I admit it, I’m dumb.

There are times when it’s just necessary for me to fess up.  This morning was one of them.

I was doing my typical tour of the Oven Glove homepage, which today was featuring this article.  I don’t know about you, but the fourth dimension and our perception of it is fascinating to me.  The idea of measuring it and recording something about what it might mean in a new way way super-awesome-cool.  That’s probably why this particular exhibit won several awards in the competition it was developed as a part of.  So when the article gave a DIY link, I was very excited.  Hooray, code!  Now I’ll be able to go home and set it up on my own computer, as the set-up looks simple – computer with camera, and this program I now have the code to.

Alas, no.  Upon delving just a little bit further, I discovered the link lead to several PDE files.  I don’t know about you, but I have no idea what a PDE is.  Sadly, my semester of Basic programming in high school didn’t give me the tools I needed to chum it with the right kind of MIT geeks for that.  When I asked my alumni contact about PDE files and how to actually use one to make my magic video clock, he was just as stumped.  So basically I need someone to come shimmy-do my computer into compliance for this awesome display.  Otherwise, I’ll be forced to hit up the MIT Museum again before I leave to check out at least this one exhibit.