Science meets my hair.

Back when I was a young and impressionable teenager, there was a commercial for styling product that involved a big-haired young woman emerging from a bush with twigs and leaves everywhere, and two other females (probably with blond stick-straight locks) running away screaming.  The point of the commercial was that bush-girl found some new product and her frighteningly unmanageable tangle was reduced to soft, wavy curls.  Personally I never much saw the point of the ad, since she still looked gorgeous and probably more interesting with bits of forest twined to her head.  But then, they don’t call me frohead for nothing.

Now that I’m supposedly older and wiser and definitely more conformist, I have begun actually using styling products in my hair.  It’s true that they are minimal, and I will never be the type of person to spend much more time in front of a mirror than it takes to brush my teeth.  But I have felt the need to manage my tangle in a way that’s a little more professional than a Gene Wilder hairdo.  And I’ve newly discovered that the majority of hair products, like the majority of bras, just don’t do what they’re supposed to.

Now, I must say first that my hair si a bit of an unusual type.  Sure, it’s curly, but it’s not a Shirley Temple bunch of ringlets.  Generally it’s a tumble of wisps sticking out at odd angles, with the occasional boingable ringlet thrown in just to be annoying.  In addition, it’s fine and much thinner than it looks.  Which means, of course, that almost any product that has enough holding power to ‘conrol’ my frizzies bogs down my hair so much that I look like the human head equivalent of mange.  Of course, there are some products that are designed to be very lightweight and still smoothing, which I’m very happy with – when I straighten my hair.  Otherwise, they typically flatten out the waves and curls that I’d prefer to maintain.

Enter the good ol’ Oven Glove, which has been leading research into new compounds to combat the humidity that will shortly be rolling into the city.  The company which is marketing the new haircare product, Living Proof, has six different product types listed on their website so far, each meant to do something a little different.  I have yet to try any, but I have high hopes for a company that recognizes that people with curls actually HAVE fine hair.  And a hair care company that ships stuff for free is one of the coolest things I’ve found out about since the discovery that Staples sells (and free-ships) hardwood bookcases.   Of course, all of the Living Proof products may not be as effective when winter rolls around again and my hair is so pathetic and dry that it can barely put out the effort to curl, but they may help with that as well.  I’m content to wait and see.


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