Spidey and the bus

There are two things that are making this day blaze a little brighter in my mind.  The first is a firefighter with superhero costumes.  The second is the New! Improved! #89 bus schedule from Davis Square.  Both are what life/public transportation should be about more often.

So, on to Spidey.  I have not been able to accurately check my facts as yet, but it seems that a fireman was able to rescue an autistic boy from a ledge by dressing as Spiderman.  Evidently this particular fireman had the costume on hand at the station to use for a little more ‘Zing!’ at elementary school demonstrations.  Of course, our quick-thinking, costume-loving gentleman ran back to the station as soon as he heard ‘comics’.  Lesson learned: a little zing does us all good and probably saves lives.

As for the MBTA, they finally did something right.  For the past year, I’ve lived in an under-served neighborhood of Somerville, longing for the day when the supposed green line extension will be available in my neck of the woods.  I mean, walking to Davis for 20 minutes each way is great in summertime.  It keeps your heart rate up and allows you to experience the outdoors.  But during Boston winter, I would prefer not to be experiencing the outdoors, especially not after dark.  Since the bus stops at 7 pm, that would be pretty much any time I want to do anything after work (other than coming straight home.  But this past weekend, new service was announced.  From now on, buses would be departing from Davis on the hour till the post-midnight last run.  Woohoo!  I’m back in business!  of course, it’s after the winter months and i’m leaving the city this fall, but who’s really counting?


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