Pow! Sock! Blam! Zappo!

It’s interesting the way the mind turns, discovering odd quirks in the world at unexpected times.  For instance, I knew that sickle cell anemia existed, and that it was a disease prevalent in certain populations.  I didn’t realize that it developped (independantly in at least four different places) as a genetic mutation to combat malaria.  I knew that wormwood was something used in absinthe.  I didn’t realize it was also originally the main flavor additive for vermouth, or that certain kinds were used as a fever cure in Ancient China and as a potential cancer treatment today.  I didn’t realize that wormwood types were closely related to tarragon.  Blammo to the brain, right there.

Outside of sudden revelations of odd knowledge, there are more shocking – but happy – truths.  One of them involves big money going where it’s supposed to – in this case a former Bill Gates employee striking out on his own to create malaria prevention mosquito-zapping laser tools.  I have no idea how these are going to be financed or distributed, but if they actually work as advertised, I’m impressed and quite possibly, electrified.  Power of ten thousand suns, here I come.


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