My money’s on the bear

If there was ever a shark vs. bear rumble, this is what would happen:

Shark looking at bear – ‘It could be a rock. Or maybe a very large anemone.’
Bear looking at shark – ‘Mmm. SALMON.’

Ok, true, sharks are pretty fierce. And some of them might be big enough to take on a bear. Might. If the bear falls into the middle of the ocean and can’t get out, or the shark is big enough to drag it into the water (somehow). But let’s just take a look at where this fight would have to take place.

Coastline – bears and sharks obviously live in different worlds. If they meet on the beach to ‘tangle’, the bear has the obvious advantage. Sharks are going to be dying out of water, and most beaches don’t have a deep enough drop off for a shark to effectively jump up and gnaw on a bear. At a rockier, possibly cliffside coast, the bear still has the advantage. If it can flip the shark out of the water (which it is used to doing), the shark is DONE.

So let’s look at a little more combined interaction – polar bear, already in the water, with shark. True, the shark is a better swimmer (even though polar bears swim pretty well). Still, I think toothy mouth and four powerful claws beats one set of massive boneless jaws and a strong tail.


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