Anybody need a ferry?

Since the advent of eBay, there have been a number of news items about the wacky and ridiculous ‘goods’ being sold there.  There was the selling of a person’s soul.  There was that whole paper clip barter system up to a new house or car or whatever extravaganza that happened.  Now, there’s a New York ferry company on the move with one of their boats.

The whole thing is basically a sign of the times.  A ferry was purchased as-is from a Martha’s Vineyard ferry company, with the thought that it could be scrapped if repairs cost too much.  Of course, now that the economy has its guts in a roil, the actual scrap metal just isn’t worth that much.  So the ‘solution’ is evidently to sell the huge hulk on eBay – the minimum bid was $10, but personally you couldn’t make me take the thing.  The point is, of course, value.  how do we judge the worth of goods and services?  Is there a scale, or should we compare items to each other?  With this ‘downturn’, do we go back to the barter system and pray? Because if so, I vote that two cookies equals a ham sandwich.


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