The Best of

There have been a number of awesome occurrences in my recent life.  I’ve wanted to spread the word about it.  Today I’ve chosen to do so through a ‘best-of’ list.  I’m not sure what these things are the best of.  I thought about doing a best of 2009, but the year has barely started, so that’s hardly fair to wonderful things I have yet to discover in the coming months.  Then I thought possibly a best of February would be in order, but I think the commercial technically came out prior to this month.  So we’ll just call them the best, and the world will have to deal with it.

#3 The best of edible people.

Soylent Green it is not, but still almost disgustingly delicious, no?  Anyone who can get away with breaking their nose off, dumping the crumblings into some poor girl’s ice cream, and having them actually eat it afterwards is my kind of man.

#2 The best of local Chinese food (a.k.a., I love Wangs).


You’d think a thriving and intercultural city like Boston (which has its own Chinatown district) would have authentic Chinese food.  And by authentic, I mean non-sweet, non-Cantonese, non-Peking Duck food.  When I first moved here, I tried and tried to find something that would sate my craving for slightly spicy food.  Alas, everything tasted faintly of teriyaki.

I did not have high hopes for the place just a block down the street from my new apartment, which was supposed to have awesome dumplings.  Dumplings are typically a northern food, and though delicious, are not in the same category as a good, hot eggplant with meat.  Still, I went.  The black vinegar on the table was a sure sign that here, at last, was a true dumpling space.  I looked over the specials, hoping against hope.  And there it was, my beloved “fish-tasting meat”, the special shredded pork with Yu Shang sauce.  Could it really be true?  Would these dumpling masters know how to truly cook my favorite dish?  I requested it nice and hot.  When I heard the boss man reading out my order in Mandarin, I knew I was home free.  I can honestly say there’s at least one place in the Boston area that will put on enough peppers to make your tummy rumble.  Yum.

#1 Bamboo.  On the feets.

For a recent birthday/dancing event, I purchased knee-high socks to wear with my long, brown boots and prepared to expose my legs (Gasp).  I even, for said event, bought a short dress (DOUBLE GASP).  Since I knew I was going to be cold, I got the warmest, most comfortable socks I could find at Macy’s, which were the Charter Club brown knee high socks made completely out of bamboo.  Warm, soft, and durable only as a weed can be, these things were like wearing clouds on my feet.  I slipped into them, and just said ‘ahhh’.  Even after a full night of dancing, I felt great.  I need about 6 more pairs.


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