The only wild animal I know is man.

moray eel by Jenny (JennyHuang)

I would choose a moray eel, which everyone thinks are vicious. Really, they're just deficient in two or more senses – they can't see or smell well and therefore occasionally bite the hand that feeds them. My particular moray would be name Morey and I would set up a whole little swimmy paradise in one wall of my apartment for him. He would occasionally poke his creepy little face out at me when he wasn't feeling shy, or to scare off intruders. I would stock his tank with cheap but tasty fish and therefore avoid getting my fingers getting bitten off.

The Boxer

“Behind items, there are people” states Doron Ben-Ami of the Israeli Antiquities Authority, regarding various discoveries in Jerusalem in the past month, specifically a massive coin hoard in Jerusalem.  Now more recently a truly incredible marble head has been discovered.  What is incredible about it is not the Roman style of the figure or the representational nature of the form, but the size.  The detailed little thing is only 2 cm by 4 cm.  It’s the head of a tiny midget man.

There have been various notes about the rarity of such a find in such an area.  And the age of the statue is incredible as well – at least 1,800 years – even if we do have other more ancient rocks around touched and molded by human hands.  What remains incredible is the ‘story’ behind this particular rock.  How did the man who died in an earthquake come to possess it?  Do two holes in the figure really indicate that it was used as a suspended weight together with a balance scale?  Was this man really a boxer?  And if so, what did that indicate regarding the use of the object itself?  Was it passed down withing the family as a talisman of sorts, or did such little heads have another worth?  And who was the model for such an object, and Whit?