It’s all in the butter.

The recent salmonella outbreak has now supposedly been traced to King Nut peanut butter, which evidently is not responsible for any of the ingredients it usued to produce its butter and other products.  In addition, none of its products are sold directly to consumers – the King Nut brand is only available through food service.  So if you’ve had restaurant or cafeteria peanut butter recently, you might be at risk, but store-bought Skippy is still basically reliable (thank you, Annette Funicello).

I am also eager to report that Massachussetts ranked in the top five for number of reported cases, along with California, Ohio, Michigan, and the surprise salmonella guest, Minnesota, which reported 30 cases.  As for the 8 states that are supposedly salmonella-free, I am happy to say that, as anticipated, Alaska and Hawaii and Montana are all on the list.  Also making the cut are New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Florida.