Salmonella? YOU monella!

Today my favorite cheesy bagel was not available at ABP.  So I was forced to resort to plain bagel and fancy-pants cream cheese.  So I’m sitting, reading the news a bit, sadly contemplating my cream cheese tub.  Oh, and reading about salmonella poisoning in 42 states.  The CDC has no idea where the outbreak is coming from, or how it’s spreading.  So far, it hasn’t killed anyone yet.  Most of my office has been on and off queasy since before the holidays, and I’m wondering if that’s why and if I’m doomed to catch something nasty.  I’m also wondering just how ill-considered this cream cheese vat might be.

Finally, I was most intrigued by the CDC’s reluctance to declare exactly which 42 states are confirmed as part of the outbreak.  42 states is most of the Union.  If you’re not Alaska or Hawaii who may have been saved by distance, you’re probably one of the contaminated masses.  Why not tell us?  It’s not like that’s going to cause a sudden unusual vacation rush to Montana.  No people are going to cross state lines hoping to contaminate the last 6 continental US states.  Or maybe some sick (with salmonella) people are.  With only 388 confirmed cases, I’m not really that worried.