It’s quicksand!

Check out the Robo-Clam, another great innovation at the Oven Glove.  I especially like the description of how razor clams become such effective anchors.  As they move deeper into the sand at the ocean floor, they jerk and fling their bodies around, loosening the surrounding sand.  This loosening allows more seawater to penetrate the sand, effectively creating an area of semiliquid quicksand around the clam, making the clam itself that much harder to pull out.

It’s called credit, not free stuff.

Some people are pretty upset about the recent rise in credit card rates.  I can understand how this would be a major drain on finances at a time when money is tight.  I understand it as a legitimate worry.  Still, I can’t help feeling that it’s a situation that you bring on yourself.  True, the credit card companies make it really easy to slip into debt with them.  But that’s exactly what it is – debt.  You owe them money.  They have the right to charge you interest.  And they have the right to change those rates, or sell that debt, to someone else.

Personally part of my view of the situation may be driven by the fact that I don’t pay credit card interest.  I don’t let my credit card balance accrue.  I use credit cards, but at the end of the month, I pay what I owe.  No interest charge.  Why do I use credit cards then?  Convenience.  Perks.  Cashback bonuses or airline miles or other things that accrue to my advantage because that credit card company wants you to spend.  They earn money through your debt’s interest.  That’s how it works.

But you don’t have to take part in the system.  Debit cards are now just as easy to use as credit cards.  The money can come directly from your bank account with no interfereing rates in between.  Or, you could actually budget your paycheck.  You know, don’t spend money you don’t have.

I don’t mean to come down hard on anyone.  Many of us have basic needs we are struggling to meet.  Many of us feel that big business and rich concerns have overshadowed our own freedoms.  I know it’s hard, very hard at the moment.  But I look at other places, or at other less fortunate times in this country, and I see plenty of people who made do with less.  And that makes me question exactly what it is we’re complaining about.

And finally, the penguin finds a new home…

This comes to me via Emily, who has been updating me as she browses Craigslist.  I’ve included the links at the top, but may try a general cut-and-paste since who knows how long these things will be available there.  I wonder how many days of cuteness we can stand…

Day 1

Penguin – Found (Needham)

I was starting to get a little wet on the sidewalk where you dropped me today. Then a nice person drove by and saw me on my back on the sidewalk. I was so happy to see the vehicle turn around and come back to help me. I was picked up and brought to a warm house in the neighborhood. I have been cared for very well. I was dried off and fed. I am okay but I miss you and hope that I will be home with you soon.

Day 2

Found Penguin – Day 2 (Needham)

So far, I have not heard from my owner. Thank you for your offers but adoption is not an option yet because I have only been lost for a little more than 24 hours. I have a new friend, a big old yellow Labrador retriever. The younger black Lab makes me nervous though. She keeps eying me like I might make some kind of a good tug toy. Since my owners did not come for me, I was treated to a chocolate covered donut from Dunkin Donuts after I refused the banana and grapefruit. My favorite place is in their freezer. I feel safe there away from the younger lab. When I get hungry, I might try one of the Frosty Paws that they save as a special treat for their dogs. I think I’ll eat the younger lab’s treat first. I am hopeful that I will be found and reunited with my family soon.

Day 3 AGAHAGAHHAGA!! Penguins!  This one was not quite as good…still, I am ready for more.  Perhaps a blizzard sequence?

Found Penguin – Day 3 (Needham)

I have no memory of how I ended up on the side of the road 2 days ago. At first I thought that I may have fallen out of a baby carriage but someone on Craigslist suggested that I may have been (accidentally of course) thrown out of a car window. Falling out of a window might be the more likely scenario because the day I was found, it was drizzling outside. Most of the kids that get strolled to Perry Park have fair weather parents and guardians that wouldn’t have gone to the park in that weather. I couldn’t have been left there from the day before because surely someone would have stopped to help me sooner. Another indication that I wasn’t there from the previous day, was because when I was found, I wasn’t wet, I was only a little damp. I am going back to the scene tomorrow before we get hit with the big snow storm. I’ll be looking for any evidence that might have been overlooked by the person that rescued me. I am hoping to find some clues to help me reunite with my family.

Day 4 How long can this go on!?!?!

Found Penguin – Day 4 (Needham)

Late last night, I completed making a “Found Penguin” poster.

This morning, I sealed it in 2 plastic sleeves, in opposite directions to protect it from the elements. When I got to Perry Park with my poster, the middle schoolers were already out of school and playing on the field. I searched the freshly snow covered ground for evidence of how I got in this situation. I kept glancing at the kids, hoping one of them would notice me and come running over to tell me that I belonged to their younger sibling. None of the kids notice me, a penguin, even when I struggled to climbed the overgrown pine tree to post my sign.

Day 6 – The final day
Regifting? Seriously people? I am distraught and saddened, but what else can really be done…oh, for the poor, lost thing.

Penguin Found – Day 6 (Needham)

Today is Day 6 of being away from my family. I had a strange dream last night that I was an ornament on a Christmas tree. It was more like a nightmare.
But I wasn’t dreaming when I felt the red tissue paper and the sides of a box under my wings. I thought my mug shots and height measurements were being taken for this post. I didn’t realize that they were being used to see if I fit better in the white Macy’s box or the red Filene’s box. The Macy’s box was a little big but it was decided to use that box. I heard talk that they didn’t want to use the Filene’s box because they didn’t want me looking like a re-gift coming out of a box from a store that went out of business years ago.

I am not sure what their thought process is about giving me as a gift to their 3 year old nephew. It is not like they haven’t already bought him a gift. They have a nice teddy bear with new tags still attached for him.
I don’t want to be a present for another kid. I am hopeful that my family will come for me soon.

I felt better this evening when I met a snowman named Sam. When he finished playing Frosty the Snowman on his piano, I said, “Play it again, Sam”.