Since when do squirrels eat nuts?

Evidently there’s an acorn shortage on.  Evidently last year there was an intense crop, and the trees are tired and resting.  Evidently it was a wet spring and that may have contributed too.  We’re supposed to be concerned, but not overly concerned until several following years of few-to-no acorns starts to make us worry about eventual tree loss.  But should we be worrying about squirrels? After all, they rely on acorns in the late winter months as a food source.

I would say no.  I would say squirrels are like foxes and raccoons.  They’ve already adapted to living with people in their habitat.  Mostly what they’re living off of in winter is our garbage.  That’s why you see fat and completely irreverent squirrels in public parks and around most local communities.  In fact, it’s been some time since I’ve seen a thin-looking one.  I wouldn’t be worried – I’m guessing that acorns are no longer such a necessity for the little bushy tails.

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