Hidden Lurkers

I don’t like horror movies.  I don’t like cinematic suspense.  Usually, I don’t like things jumping out at me, even if those ‘surprises’ end up being good ones.  But the idea of mystery, a hint of suspicion, ore the more shadowy corners of life are still intriguing to me.  That’s what interests me about the GVFI (Global Viral Forecasting Initiative).  I’m captivated by the idea of people trying to track what zoonotic viruses may be slipping into our bodies at the edges of civilizations.

There’s something about that hidden forest, that repository of all that is primal, hidden, and naturally unconcerned with man that intrigues.  I want to puzzle out the ways in which humanity must interact on a different plane.  I want to see how a future pandemic might first dive down beneath our skins.  I do not court danger, or sickness, or pain, but something about being on the edge of the unknown is attractive.  The sirens call and I’m only half afraid to listen.