Broken Church

Thanks, MBTA!

And if you were hoping to take an elevator at the Copley Sqare T stop, think again…

For Cathy

One of the best perks of my job is the ability to complain to my co-workers about the foibles of daily life.  It could be the stupid people who call the office asking dumb questions.  It could be the people who take up three seats on the train by spreading their legs all the way open and plopping their bags all over the other seats.  Or the girl with the backpack twice her size who kept swinging around and whacking into people with it.  Today it was people who do not get out of my way.

The first incident was a matter of bus etiquette.  It’s cold, it’s dreary, and no one likes waiting outside at the bus stop.  Our bus was delightfully late, as well.  When this happens, tempers are hot and people are antsy to get aboard.  Therefore, if you knwo it’s going to take you awhile to dig change out of your purse, go to the end of the line.  I know if you’re older, it may take some time for you to actually get aboard, and you may be worried about getting a seat near the door.  Still, go to the end.  That way, when you’re digging in your trousers for that last nickel of fare, the bus can be already on its way, not waiting to take the rest of the line aboard.  If you have a Charlie Ticket as well, go to the end – you know it’s going to take five minutes for the machine to spit your card back out of you.  I’m a slap ‘n go Charlie Card holder, andIi don’t want you getting in my way.

The second was slightly worse.  In coming up out of the subway on a cold, blustery day, some of you may have noticed that the underground tunnels draw in air from the surface and pull it down along the tracks with gale force.  This is particularly annoying (and hazardous) on a day when rain pours in along with the wind.  Today, however, it was just cold.  Bitterly so.  I, of course, was stuck behind some weak-kneed male with a 3 foot long duffel who didn’t have the sense to stay to the right.  He took up the entire space so I couldn’t get around him, and rested five seconds on each new stair.  Meanwhile, the wind was slowing fusing my fingers into a solid chunk of hand-ice.  Hooray for slow people!

Back from the dead – for Alex

My coffee machine has returned from the dead. this ‘wondrous modern marvel’ is back on-line, bringing over-caffeination and binge-consumption of liquids to my veritable fingertips. For this reason (and because Alex made the foolish mistake of telling me not to), I have a new name for that beloved machine of the morning – Lazarus. We all feel the power. Oh yes.