Squiddy elbows and conflicts of interest.

Ok, i found the actual info via this CNN video, but the National Geographic article is much more informative, so I’ll focus on that.

Basically, this thing is its own genus and species though it’s currently classified as a squid.  It has ten appendages like other squids, but on the Magnapinna the leggies are all the same – tentacles are not differentiated – and it has some sort of joints near the head on each leg that function similar to elbows.  they are even more elusive than the Colossal Squid – so far, no adult specimens have been confirmed, as far as I could find.  Most of what we know about them comes from the juveniles that wash up and the deep sea videos and photographs taken, some of which are random captures from deep sea oil drilling tools (well, at least it’s good for some human advancement). We don’t even know if they chase prey – the long trailing arms (up to 23 feet in length, longer than the giant squid) could be a form of trapping that drifts until bumped, then snaps up the intrusion. Take a look:


Not something you’d want to meet in the dark depths of the ocean.

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