Madame Mimms

At times, life is stranger than fiction.  It might seem like a ridiculous jokey story to have a drunk and disorderly airline passenger falling all over a blind person and messing with their hair.  It might also seem funny that flight attendants attempting to restrain said unruly passenger would be unable to cuff her, and would be forced to use duct tape, instead.  But, in this case, the ridiculousness is true.  Maybe induced by drinking, maybe by some other unknown illness or problem, there was such an unruly passenger on a recent flight that had to be diverted to North Carolina to deal with her.

Truth may also be stranger than fiction in additional ways.  The lawyer for the defense of the unruly passenger is one Julia Mimms.  It just makes me wonder if, when she does make a statement, she’ll be in a red skirt, her purply hair cut to round out her head.

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