Home in a Box.

I’m all about the ‘less stuff’ mode of living.  Sure, it’s nice to have nice things, but at the same time, i probably don’t need to keep all the books I have, or all the clothes I wear only rarely, or all the little markers of life that I seemed to have accumulated.  I recognize on an intellectual level that it’s all incidental, not integral.  But still, it’s rare that I clean it all up and throw it away.

But there are people who do.  The recent financial crisis has had a few upsides.  First, people are driving around less and wasting less gas, which I thought would never ever happen in this country.  Second, people are moving into smaller, more affordable homes.  Some people are going through extreme downsizing, living in little places that are 100 square feet or less.  I like to call this the ‘Home in a Box’. Somehow that sounds more cute and livable than ‘tool shed’, which is more or less what these homes amount to.

Personally, I don’t see myself getting a tiny house on wheels any time soon.  But the idea of a small place is cozy to me.  I see a wide front porch on a small little house with eager flowers climbing around it.  I see a bakcyard with lots of trees and a small vegetable garden somewhere.  I see an open living area in the central space, and light and living things everywhere.  I’m ready for it.


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