Well, if I make a bundle of money from stupid people, I hope I will be nicer than to laugh at them via all media outlets.  The poor dumbheads can’t help themselves, after all.

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It’s not just someecards any more.

I like certain cards on the someecards site.  Of course, certain of the cards are a little too vulgar, even for me.  But others are delightfully enjoyable.  And, sometimes, the humor is a little release valve for those things you want to say, but never would in polite company.  And who doesn’t love a website that makes fun of itself (because honestly, I don’t always even care enough to click send)?

But now we’re taking the potentially awkward to a new level of avoidance.  There’s a website,, that offers ecards to help people share that unfortunate STD news with previous (or current?) sexual partners.  While I’m very much in support of people notifying each other about things like this, the ecard idea seems too much like a way to avoid responsibility.  If you have ‘relations’ with someone, you should be able to talk to them enough to break the news.  it’s just like a friendship – posting on their Facebook wall once and awhile is simply not enough.

True, an ecard is better than no message at all.  Breaking this sort of news to someone is one of the many unrealistic bad things I’ve envisioned to myself in a long life of worrying.  As far as the actual reality of having to go through the situation, I haven’t.  So far, it’s as likely of my thoughts about how I would deal with sudden pregnancy when I was still a virgin (after all, isn’t it more worrisome to explain immaculate conception than the more regular kind?).  But I have thought, and worried, about it.  And I hope I’d be able to do more than send an update online.