It’s Bucky!

Buckypaper is now on its way to becoming a reality for consumer products, according to the Florida State University.  Personally the idea of super strong carbon paper is only somewhat interesting.  While the name makes sense, B. Fuller’s name still just gives me the giggles.  It’s just that funny – I can’t take the nickname ‘bucky’ seriously.  But who says science can’t be full of play?

The whole thing brings back childhood memories.  My aunt and uncle had a variety of toys from various grandchildren and other relatives.  One particular favorite at a young age was a white horse with wheels and a blue mane.  Its red saddle had a secret compartment for storing ‘things’, and it would rise in the middle as you scooted across the floor on its back.  The name of this plastic horse, of course, was Bucky.

You might wonder what a plastic horse and a Utopian idealist have in common.  But really it is the idea of what they inspire, that sense of wonder and fun and joy that I find remarkable.  True, Bucky the plastic horse is not an adult toy.  True, Fuller did not have the lasting impact on a variety of fields that he had intended.  But both represent something worth saving for the future, whether as a joy for future childhoods or as an example of the things we all should be thinking about – namely, how our own individual lives will impact the world for good.